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Explore Reiki or Access Bars

We are all essentially energy being and emotions can cause energy to become stuck in our bodies.  Emotions can be felt in the body, just think of anxiety, stress, anger and tension headaches as some examples.

Reiki is the art of laying of hands in order to promote healing.  Originating in Japan this technique is often used for stress reduction and relaxation.

Access Bars is where specific pressure points are pressed on the head to allow the electro-magnetic charge to reset.

Common occurrences after Reiki:

 - Creativity is increased

 - Energy is balanced and increased

 - Emotions are released more easily

 - Awareness is increased

 -  Stress is more easily released

 - Natural healing is accelerated

 - Assists the body to cleans toxins

 - Relieves stress and pain

 - Relaxing muscle spasms

 - Stimulates the immune system


Crystals may be added for a deeper effect if desired.