Alternative healing therapies focus on the body-mind connection. You can feel your emotions in your body – and if you pay attention, you can even see or feel how they physically manifest. Tears are manifestations of sadness or grief, and a thundering heart is the manifestation of anxiety, fear, or excitement. Stress is often felt as pain in your shoulders or a burning sensation in your stomach.


Your emotions have a very real effect on your physical body. If you ignore or suppress your feelings for long enough, it will eventually lead to dis-ease in your physical body.


Everything in the entire universe is energy – just ask the quantum physicists. That includes your emotions and your own body. The emotions that you experience affect your physical body by creating blockages. These blockages could be felt as discomfort, pain, or illness.


Energy healing addresses the energy that emotions create in your body. The energy causing the issue could be being too much or too little. It could also be blocked or out of balance. By releasing and healing the energy, you can also repair your physical body.



Reiki is a healing method that originated in Japan. It involves physical laying hands on the receiver. The practitioner channels energy and can focus on a specific area that is experiencing discomfort. Through removing blockages, it allows your body to heal itself.


Crystal healing.

Crystals have unique vibrations and healing properties. These properties can be enhanced by programming the crystal for a specific purpose. I am able to incorporate crystal healing with Reiki to align and balance your Chakras. This will help your body and mind in the natural healing process.

Soul Restoration.

Soul restoration addresses the root cause of an issue rather than attempting to treat the symptom.  It honours the agenda of the higher self and with permission and by priority addresses the issues.  Energy vortex points are utilised as a means to connect energy into the body which helps the body to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually, rapidly and effectively.  This is a non-invasive healing technique, suitable for those who need emotional healing but don't have the words to express it.


Access Consciousness Bars.

Access Bars is a hands-on technique. Thirty-two pressure points on the head get pressed. Each of these pressure points corresponds to specific ideas, beliefs, conditions, attitudes, or decisions that we have experienced or made in our lives. By putting pressure on these points, it releases the electromagnetic charge held in those points. Disabling the electromagnetic charge allows for the release of the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that are stored in these points.


I have the following qualifications that can help you on your healing journey:

  • Master Transformation Coach focusing on emotional healing using energy

  • Reiki practitioner and registered with the Reiki Association of South Africa

  • Crystal Healer registered with Crystal Healers International

  • Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

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