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Take Back Control

Do you feel emotionally overrun?  Do you feel that the emotions are bubbling just under the surface and that it is taking all the available energy you have to keep these emotions under control?  Does the slightest upset cause catastrophic outbursts or episodes, leaving you ashamed, embarrassed and hopeless? 

Have you tried various therapies and medications yet the issues seem to return?  This leaving you even more emotional and spiralling out of control.

If you are willing to be freed from the burden of self doubt, frustration, anger, overwhelming guilt, shame and anxiety then contact me for a free 30 minute session to discover more.

How I can help you:

 - Make sense of this overwhelming feeling

 - Assist in releasing the guilt and fear that is debilitating you

 - Release the rage, the anger and anxiety that is ruling your day

 - Embrace the fact that you are good enough

 - Help you see the confident, capable person that you are

 - Show you the key to unconditional self love and appreciation

 - Help you take back control of your emotions and your life

 - Ultimately have your inner peace restored

 - See how things fall back into place and start working in your favour