Collaborating with Bennie Keen, I am happy to announce that the following products are now also available:

- Corporate Coaching, for teams and the individuals in the teams.

- Team Building and Intercommunication in the company.

- Executive Coaching, for executives and any members of the management team who want to have an edge in their career.

- Key Note Speaking.

- Budget Skills and Techniques.

- Phenomenal Sales Skills.

These can be facilitated in workshops, group sessions or one on one sessions.  Please contact us for a quote.

Corporate coaching is effective to create a combined vision for your team and company.  By communicating the company vision and mission to all teams and creating an understanding of what the greater good is, that the company is achieving, it gives individuals a greater sense of belonging and pride.

Team building and intercommunication assists through a game format to improve communication within the company to create better understanding.  Team building will also unify the team to work together as an integrated unit.

Executive coaching helps executives and any member of the management team to break through the barriers that are holding them back.  Effectively empowering the individual to step into their true power as a leader and visionary.  Whether you are a new executive or have been in your role for a long time, allow us to assist you in stepping into your greater purpose.

Key note speaking whether for motivation or as part of corporate wellness days, whatever your need we can accommodate you and your team.

Budgeting skills and techniques are essential for small and medium enterprises that need guidance on maximizing their profit and productivity.

Phenomenal Sales Skills is useful for companies of all sizes.  Want to be phenomenal and an unstoppable force in the industry?  With a combination of sales skills training and hypnotherapy to rewire the neuro path ways of the mind, your team will be the best out there in their field of expertise.

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