Life Alignment is a form of Energy Medicine has its roots in quantum physics, neuroscience, biology, and spiritual development. It focuses on the mind-body connection and how our thoughts (conscious and subconscious) influence our physical bodies' health.


Our subconscious stores all of the feelings and emotions that we have ever experienced. When these feelings or emotions are negative or traumatic, they could translate into physical dis-ease in our bodies. Locating and treating areas where these emotions are stored helps to provide relief from the relative ailments.


Life Alignment can help you achieve the shift you need to become a more empowered version of yourself.


Life Alignment helps by:

•    Energetically supporting you on all levels, emotional, mental, spiritual and your physical body.

•    Accessing your consciousness to get to the root cause of your problems.

•    Finding the conscious and unconscious memories, conditions, beliefs, and emotions that block your natural energy flow.

•    Working on energy blocks stored in your physical body's cellular memory to restore balance.

•    Drawing vital energy (Prana or Chi) through healing energy vortexes into the body to help it heal.

•    Balancing the energy of humans, pets and homes.


Life Alignment can help you if:

•    You are experiencing physical pain.

•    You have emotional pain or feel 'off' without knowing quite what is wrong.

•    You want to release energy blocks relating to:

•    Money

•    Health

•    Love

•    You struggle to quiet the constant chatter in your mind or inner conflict.

•    You want or need to balance your chakras or energy vortexes.

•    You know you need to heal but struggle to speak about your emotions – especially the uncomfortable and painful ones.


A Life Alignment Session.

Each session lasts for 40 minutes and can be done in person or remotely, through distance healing.

Usually, people need between 4 and 6 sessions, with more sessions only in extreme cases.

Sessions needed for animals between 1-3.

Home clearing and balancing one session as needed.

Reaching Out to the Sun