Bennie Keen





As an ambassador of change, Bennie assists people and businesses as a Human Behavior Modification consultant (life coach) and business coach to get them UPGRADED with this “Guiding Rules and Basics Living in Full Everyday” or short “GRAB LIFE”. The how to become happier with less stress and have more money and time, having fun on the way.

Helping others to accomplish more than they expected were possible by themselves or in a team format, reaching their own or the company targets and/ or goals. Working with those that are willing to get the results, they need.

He believes that everyone is unique and therefor gives a customized approach that keeps the person, team or company focused on what is most important as a client, to reach the results necessary. Not only, provides guidance, direction, support, feedback and structure to thrive, he also roles up his sleeves and do his part.

We all have “FREEWILL”; the question should be, if we all have “FREEDOM”?

Can you do what you want, when you want, where you want, for as long as you want? Bennie is that GO-TO person to assist you to become happier, with less stress, more time and money, so you can do what you want, when you want.

Each of us are unique in creation, everyone has something to give and to contribute towards the life we are privilege to partake. Therefor no one can compare them with another. Everyone is special, only you have your experience to date, to share with the world.


He assists in uncovering the awareness of the limitless and super, human potential, currently hidden deep from within us. He guides people in finding their true potential, reaching for new experiences that they didn’t knew exist within themselves, turning that ordinary person into an extraordinary individual, assisting them to reconnect with their own unique selves.

Introducing reality and sustaining experience of joy and fulfilment in living life. Letting people UPGRADE with “GRAB LIFE” & “MONEY MAGIC”, while you HAVE FUN, leaving lasting positive influence, to the people you touch.

Strengthening a new level of choice and liberty for each person, to experience and reinforce their original purpose and design from within. Releasing a new way of thinking, leading the way towards finding their inner core of being.


Skills and qualifications that Bennie brings to the table.


RSA - N. Dip (Civil Eng.)

Hypnotherapist practitioner                                         

Quantum Linguistics Practitioner

Certified Empowerment Coach

Certified MAP4LIFE Methodology Mastery Coach                                         

Certified Master Life Coach                                           

Master NLP Practitioner

Master Time Quantum Techniques Practitioner

Certified Business Coach

Certified Relationship Coach

Certified Scholar and student Coach

ETDP-SETA Assessor