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I felt like I had reached a point of no return.  At a stage I remember crying every day for two weeks straight.  Everything I touched seemed to crumble and shatter to pieces and nothing was working out.  I had hit rock bottom emotionally and in so many of my relationships.  Depression overwhelmed me, I had no answers.


In desperation I turned to conventional therapies.  I tried five different medications, some making me feel worse rather than better.  I saw seven different phycologists and psychiatrists, all seemingly at the time to be helping.  After a while the medication would no longer work and the therapies felt successful only while I was seeing someone.  I became despondent, I was just not coping and I had done everything a responsible adult should.

Early life saw me the victim of sexual assault which my subconscious mind had suppressed for many years.  I had to grow up quickly when my parents got divorced when I was twelve years old and I effectively became the mother for my brothers.  By the time I had finished high school the memories of the sexual abuse came flooding back, overwhelming me.  Before long I had began self destructive habits going into abusive narcissistic relationships, feeling that I deserved nothing better.  There was no self-love, no self-esteem to speak of.

Finally I reached the point where I asked if this is all to life?  Is unbearable despair and suffering all that I am destined for?  Some answers came my way when I was finally ready and a friend gave me a book that led me to new road of discovery and ultimately personal freedom.  I began to question everything, I became dissatisfied with just surviving every day and wanted so much more.

The questions lead me to a path of realising that my greatest purpose was to work with people. I had worked in finance for over twenty years, did what was socially expected, progressed into a financial management role and yet never felt fulfilled.  Once I knew that I wanted to work with people, this knowledge lead to another avenue of discovery.  I asked myself, how then do I get the opportunity to work with people and that is how I got to enrol in a life coaching course combined with other self-exploration courses.  The thing is that you cannot go through these courses and not change as well, going through this process I received the healing I was so desperate for.  Because of this healing I can confidently tell each client that their dream of being free of debilitating emotions is possible and living a life of fulfilment and enlightenment is within their grasp.

In 2018 I lost my husband, the emotional pain of his past became to much to bear and he took his own life.  If you feel that life is too much and that you cannot take any more, I want to work with you.  If you have been left behind with unanswered questions and the pain is too much after experiencing loss or suicide in your family, I would love to work with you.  I have been through major depression and major loss, I know your pain.  Hold on.

Thank you to the Transformation Coaching Academy for giving life again:

My qualifications:

 - Master Life Coach

 - Master Transformation Coach

 - Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

 - Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner

 - Reiki Practitioner

 - Crystal Healer

- Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

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