Smiling Woman





"What I learnt was to be myself as a happy, one amazing, awesome person, with love and how to heal.  I learnt how to get rid of the past tense, to live in the present and look towards the future.  To be happy - that you can be whatever you want to with self-confidence.

I have learnt that I am an amazing person who is loved by everyone, that you can love again and deal with your problems.  Thank you for the treatment and training.  I'm a new person." - Daleen Britton

"From the coaching I have gained self-confidence, worthiness, trust, positivity, energy, joy, calmness and self-love." - Ilza Beukman

"I have been taught many techniques to cope with my anxiety and stressful situations.  I have learnt to heal from past sub-conscious situations which controlled much of the way I was feeling.  I am finally happy and healed.  Thank you Lara.  You have saved my heart and soul." - Zita Roberts

"I have learnt life lessons that I can live by everyday and the energy I am putting out, I will receive back.  One thing that stuck out to me the most is that situations in life will repeat itself until you have shown that you learnt the lesson or you have to teach someone else.  Healing is nobody else's duty except your own.  Most of all I have learnt to get to know myself and I began believing that I am worthy, I am enough and I am not alone.  It is amazing when I speak to people, that knew me before hand and they come to me and say 'you are different, you look happy and at peace'." - Romy Dickson

"I have gained calmness, emotional stability, centredness, self control and less anger" - CVR