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Promote Emotional and Physical Healing

Reiki is the art of laying on of hands in order to promote healing.  Originating in Japan this technique is often used for stress reduction and relaxation.

Reiki does not replace medical treatment.  Reiki may compliment any other treatments that you are currently undergoing.


Common occurrences after Reiki:

 - Creativity is increased

 - Energy is blanaces and increased

 - Emotions are released more easily

 - Awareness is increased

 - Stress is more easily released

 - Healing (being whole)

 - Works on casual levels of dis-ease

 - Blocked energy is released and energy levels are better

 - Natural healing is accelerated

 - Assists the body in cleansing toxins

 - Relieves stress and pain

 - Relaxes muscle spasms

 - Stimulates the immune system

I am registered with the Reiki Assosciation of South Africa

Membership Number 1499 and with the Crystal Healers International Membership Number 1125.