Are you a natural healer or an empath?  Do people say that you have healing hands when you massage their sore shoulders?  Do people often tell you what is on their heart and at the end say...'I have never told anyone that before'?  Are you curious as to the secrets of the Universe and do you feel that you do not fit in?  Do you feel a drive to make a difference in this world? 


Whether you just want to know more for your own personal spiritual growth or whether you want to help people, there is a suitable training course for you.

Available Courses:

Energy Healing for Beginners

Is energy healing very new to you and you feel overwhelmed as to where to begin?  Are you concerned about the right and wrong way of doing things?

This 2 day course will teach you a wealth of information that we have carefully gathered over the past +40 years.

Sacred Angel Healing

Want to tap into a unique and ancient healing modality that nobody else is doing? Many modalities where removed from earth due to people abusing it.  These modalities are now being reintroduced to assist people in their spiritual growth.


This 1 day course will teach you a powerful and effective healing technique using the Angels to transmit healing.  Healing for people, animals, homes, buildings, companies and more.

*Prerequisite for this training apply

Become an 'Emotional' Coach

No, this doesn't mean that you will sit and cry or have an emotional reaction to what your clients are discussing with you! Most people are never taught how to effectively deal with their emotions and many souls out there are becoming emotionally overrun.  Join us where we will share our tried and tested techniques that we personally use daily and teach to each of our clients.

This 3 day course will teach you the most effective techniques around supporting a client on and emotional level.  The course will guide you to shift the focus of each client, remove the obstacles they face and help to reinvent the client!


Want to stand out from the other coaches?  Add hypnosis as a powerful tool to debrief and empower your clients.

This 5 day course will show you how to change the memories, habits, beliefs and even values that are holding your client back.  This is a very powerful technique to fast track your client on their healing journey.

*Prerequisite for this training apply

Setting up Your Own Business as a Healer or Coach

With over 20 years of experience in the corporate financial arena and various other skills, we will be happy to assist you with setting up your business.

This 1 day course will tell you exactly what it is that you need to know and do to set up your business as a healer or coach.  It can be adapted to other industries upon request.