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Have you been a vicitim of narcissistic abuse, sexual abuse or experienced loss and grief?

Where you caught in a trap by a very clever narcissist who told you everything you wanted to hear and then when the had you where they wanted you suddenly turned into your worst nightmare?  You have been broken to the point where you have no self-confidence, you are constantly apologizing, walking on eggshells and not sure how to recover from what you have been through?

Has the unspeakable happen to you where the sexual abuse has taken something from you that you feel you will never get back?  Has this left you terrified of relationships and left you torn apart?

We can never chose when loss or grief comes to us.  Whether death from natural causes or suicide, our loss is deep and devastating.  It shake you to the core and the wave of sorrow seems merciless as it hits you again and again.

How I can help you:

- Heal the trauma which ever of the above you have suffered

- Heal the emotions that are pulling you under

- Come to a point of forgiveness and freedom

- Experience peace of mind, whatever happened was not your fault

- Unconditional self-love and self-acceptance

- Create focus and and action plan for your life going forward