Teenagers face many pressures, not only from their parents and themselves but also from their friends and social circles. These pressures are often contradicting and could lead to feelings of unwantedness and isolation.


Teens who are overwhelmed and do not have the skills to deal with everything that is being thrown at them could engage in self-destructive behaviours.


I was one of those teenagers. I understand what it feels like to be different and awkward and to feel like the whole world is watching your every move.


In coaching sessions with me, you will:

  • Learn how to stand up for yourself and what you want.

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries with your friends and family.

  • Explore who you are, what you like and don’t like, and how you want to be treated.

  • Learn how to ask for what you want and need without feeling guilty.

  • Learn how to deal with your emotions and urges in a healthy way.

  • Learn how to accept yourself fully – with flaws and all.


Through learning how to take care of yourself – how to have your own back and to stand up for yourself is hugely empowering.


You could benefit from coaching sessions with me if:

  • You feel like you do not belong or fit in.

  • You feel unwanted.

  • You feel unheard and unnoticed.

  • You are being bullied, pushed around, and used.

  • You are feeling depressed, hopeless, and worthless.

  • You are thinking of harming yourself or others.

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